Pete’s Rental

More photos of Pete’s rental from today.



This a 1 shot of the back yard. It has some trees and cacti growing but other than that its mostly just dirt. This is where most of my effort will be. I hope to turn this into a food producing, mostly self-sustaining paradise.

Pete's rental

This is the house we are waiting to move into. Just waiting to cross the T’s and dot the I’s. Pete and his current tenant, Chris, turned this lot from dirt to this. Hopefully Pete will be able to provide a before picture when he has time to search.

This is the front which will just be improved upon. Its going to mainly remain a place to relax and enjoy pretty plants.

New friends, hopeful partners

Pete, Wendy and Brian. Pete invited us into his home and was a great host, he even fed us. We got to spend about 4 hours at his San Luis Obispo home which he has transformed over his years from a dirt hill into a wonderful relaxing landscape of succulents and other native plants. We got to have plenty of good conversation with both Pete and some of his friends; Marshall, Josh and Sarah.